New Carpet

Your interior should feel warm, comfortable and inviting. Guided by your carpet sales experts at Cranmore Flooring, you can invest in carpeting that brings these qualities to life!

Carpeting Solutions that Fit Your Lifestyle

Every home has a different story. And your carpeting should match the needs of your at-home experience. Cranmore Flooring will learn more about the needs of your property to find a flooring solution that will benefit your home. We help you arrive at an option by considering:

  • Lifestyle: Do you have active kids? Pups? A history of being tough on your flooring? Or are you a “no shoes” kind of home? It’s our job to understand what your at-home experience is like — and to use that to inform our recommendations.
  • Stylistic Preferences: We learn more about the aesthetic of your interior and help you find a solution that matches your decor. The result: carpeting that fits seamlessly into the rest of your home and elevates your existing design.
  • Budget: Our team will work around your budget to find a carpeting solution that aligns with your finances.

A Flooring Solution for Every Home

The world of carpeting can feel overwhelming. Our job is to make it easier. Take a seat with one of our carpeting specialists to learn more about your options from:

  • Shaw Floors
  • Mohawk
  • DreamWeaver

We will help you consider the material, tone, and maker to arrive at a flooring solution that enhances your interior. We will also help you decide whether to go for:

  • Loop pile: This type of carpeting pulls each carpeting fiber into a small loop. It is well-suited to high traffic areas and has a slightly more textural appearance.
  • Cut pile: This type of carpeting has “cut” fibers that are trimmed. There are a few different styles within the cut pile family.

Carpeting should be simple. It should be beautiful. And it should be comfortable. Turn to our experts to get the best flooring solution for your interior!