Laminate and Wood Flooring Installation

Make your interior design thrive from the bottom up with Cranmore Flooring! Our laminate and wood flooring experts are here to deliver installation solutions that deliver quality, aesthetic value, and convenience in equal measure.

Complete Your Floor Installation Journey

Finding the perfect flooring product is the fun part. But turning that into an installation project is another matter.

Cranmore Flooring eliminates the stress of this phase with our full systems installation service. After helping you find the best wood or laminate flooring for your home, we deliver a solution that focuses on:

  • Planning: Before we lay down the first slat, we focus on the important prep notes. Our team will map out an installation plan that honors the material, the subfloor, and your interior makeup to ensure long-term success.
  • Precision: Whether we’re using nails, glue, or staples as our installation channel, one thing holds true: we will always execute the process with painstaking precision.
  • Excellence: Every step of our installation process is guided by our strong values of craftsmanship. Whether laying the first board or cleaning the tape after the final slat has been laid, we always have a superior attention to detail.

Experience Convenience. Get Results.

Our flooring experts are here to bring you through every step of your interior’s ground-up journey. This includes:

  • Sales
    We carefully curate the best selection of wood and laminate flooring. Next, our experts will learn more about the functional and aesthetic needs of your interior — and find product solutions that match.
  • Installation
    We want your flooring to be a high-caliber experience from start to finish. This means that we prioritize an installation service that will yield beautiful results long after we pack up our tools and leave your home.


We believe that your flooring should be a long-term investment for the place you call home. With the expertise of our team, you get the exceptional craftsmanship your property needs for that mission to be accomplished.