Tile Removal Service

Not every home decor choice is set in stone. Cranmore Flooring is your source for a tile removal service that will give you a clean slate once more!

Tile Removal, Minus the Mess

There’s a reason that property owners put off tile removal for so long. It feels like a process that is inherently messy, time-consuming, and logistically complicated. Cranmore Flooring is here to prove you wrong. Our team delivers a professional solution that ensures:

  • Low-dust removal: We utilize specialized equipment that allows us to remove tiling without creating dust buildup.
  • Dynamic application: Our technology is well-suited to remove conventional tile materials, cement board, and underlayment.
  • Safety: We care about the quality of your property. Our tile removal service ensures that we completely remove your tiling — but nothing more.
  • Dependability: Our team keeps things simple. When you book an appointment for a tile removal service, you know you’re in for a success story.

Tile removal is efficient, tidy, and straightforward when you get it from Cranmore Flooring. And that’s a promise.

Simpler Service, More Impactful Results

You’re ready for a new chapter for your flooring. Don’t put off that tile removal service; let our team take over. We are proud to deliver full-systems flooring solutions that include:

  • Tile Removal: Our low-dust guarantee keeps particulate matter from embedding itself in all the nooks and crannies of your interior.
  • Tile Sales: After your successful tile removal project, our sales team will connect you with top-caliber tiling options that match your budget, design aesthetic, and functional needs.
  • Tile Installation: Finally, it’s time for a new look. Our professionals deliver a tile installation service that prepares your flooring for a beautiful debut.

We make your tile removal service a seamless experience. With the expertise of Cranmore Flooring, you’re ready for an interior makeover!