Laminate & Wood Flooring

Ground your interior decor in style that endures. Cranmore Flooring delivers flooring sales that will connect you to superior wood and laminate products. With the expertise of our staff — and an exceptional product selection to match — you know you’re getting a pairing for success.

Laminate & Wood: Which to Choose?

It’s the most common question we get from our clients. Our team will help you narrow down your selection process. First, it’s important to understand the basic difference between each product option:

  • Wood is made from authentic hardwood. This is the type of flooring you’ll find in historic homes. It offers that rich, textural, and authentic aesthetic that many traditional styles gravitate towards
    • Price: Since wood is a whole material, and not a composite, it tends to be more expensive than laminate.
    • Scratch Resistance: Some types of hardwood are scratch-resistant, while others are susceptible to nicks and dings.
    • Repair Potential: Hardwood can be repaired and retouched with general ease.
  • Laminate is made from wood composite, which are wood fibers pressed together. While it lacks the unique aesthetic that comes with hardwood, it does deliver a polished design.
    • Price: Since laminate is a composite product, it comes at a lower price point.
    • Scratch Resistance: Laminate offers stronger scratch resistance than its hardwood counterparts.
    • Repair Potential: Laminate is virtually impossible to repair; it generally requires a complete replacement.

Both options offer up a wide range of stains styles, and aesthetics. Our team will help you explore the ideal flooring option to complement your interior.

Superior Selection, Timeless Results

Whether you gravitate towards Mid-century modern or colonial design, Scandinavian or industrial, our team has a wood flooring solution that will pair perfectly with your style. Tap into the expertise of our experts to find the perfect fit for your team with respect to:

  • Style
  • Durability
  • Finish

Make your flooring selection process a simpler one. With support from Cranmore Flooring, you get more than a bottom-up solution — you get an interior investment for the long run.