Tile Sales

 Make functionality a design highlight with support from Cranmore Flooring! Our tile sales team will connect you with tiling that add style and practicality to your interior.

Tile Design that Inspires

Kitchen Backsplashes. Bathroom flooring. Entryway details. There are so many spaces where tiling is the best choice for your interior — and our team is here to help you select the perfect product. Cranmore Flooring exclusively sources options that represent the best in:

  • Functionality: Tiling should be able to work well in a range of settings. We ensure that your choice is functional, practical, and beautiful.
  • Material: There are a myriad of tiling options at your fingertips. We map out the unique qualities of stone, glass, ceramic, and porcelain.
  • Design Aesthetic: With a broad variety of tiling designs to choose from, you can create a tailored fit that matches your interior style.
  • Quality: We link you to products that are built to last — and look beautiful every single day.
  • Budget: After learning more about your budget, our team will map out options that meet your every goal.

The Best in Tiling

Stone and ceramic. Porcelain and glass. TIle options can have many faces, and we help you understand the unique qualities of each. Turn to our team to sample the best products from the world’s leading tile manufacturers, including:

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Finding the perfect tile solution for your interior can feel overwhelming. It’s our job to strip away the stress and make the process fun again. With guidance from our team, you will find the perfect product for your project.

Tiles can make — or break — interior design. Cranmore Flooring will walk you through every step of the selection process to bring the best fit to your home.